Shared Workspaces COVID19 Response & Safety Protocols

Shared Workspace facilities (Tauranga and Hamilton, soon to be Papamoa) will operate under the same protocols as laid out below:

At Shared we have a high level of hygiene with regular cleaning throughout our shared and communal areas (it is deemed the responsibility of permanent tenants to ensure their offices are cleaned regularly).

We have contact tracing QR codes positioned throughout our facilities and our premises are operating at the correct m2 per person.

We do know that Hospitality and close contact venues will be covered by a Vaccine Mandate delivered by government.  As our Shard Workspace and the nature of its business can be considered under this category – we have taken the stance and applying this rule to Shard Workspaces.

So, from Friday 3 December, only those members, residents, guests and staff going through the vaccination process will be able to access the 2x Shared locations and their facilities. You and your guests will be required to show your vaccination pass in either a digital form or printed version.


  • within the next 2 weeks, our visitor management system will have the ability for you to capture proof of yours and our visitor’s vaccination status, through a new document upload field.
  • work is underway to integrate this with the NZ government issued Vaccine Pass, so that it is even easier to verify vaccination status.

Excepting of course where it may discriminate on the grounds or religious beliefs, medical exemption or disability,  We may on extenuating circumstances allow non vaccinated, or those that have not started their vaccination journey on premises with permission of all other users and will require a negative Covid test result within 48 hours each time prior to visiting Shard facilities.  Again these can be uploaded to our visitor management system.   Express permission must be granted and notified if you find yourself in the position.

Within the Covid Protection Framework Vaccines are voluntary and individuals cannot be forced to have a vaccine. Some work environments have mandated vaccination requirements. It is also important to note that in some workplaces a worker may need to be vaccinated to perform a specific role in for health and safety reasons. This must be assessed by each organisation. WorkSafe have provided guidance on this and we have been going through this with our immediate staff and will be inviting you as tenants to contribute to our risk assessment took shortly.   To assess whether employees require the vaccination for your work type, please visit:

We ask you to take responsibility for you and your guests and to ensure that they have either of these 2 elements if they wish to be on site.  All facilitators, event and meeting room users are all being asked the same.  Hygiene, cleanliness and reduction of Covid on the community, is what we are after.

As we develop our policy around this and finally begin to understand how we can manage this policy – please take every precaution you deem necessary to reduce the risk of spread and infection.

We recognise that:

  • most businesses and services do not have infection control expertise and rely on direction and advice from public health experts
  • the pace of change in the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented when compared with typical risks to work health and safety, and for these reasons, it will not always be easy for businesses and services to ‘get things right’.

More details and programs will be coming out shortly including an invite to attend workshops/ team documentation on how we can all reduce the risk and what other steps we can take to keep us all safe.

More information can be found at:

Keep safe and if you have any comments, concerns, issues, please let us know at